By: Luca Marchiò Zanotta

Suffrage and rights in the constitutions of the world

In the recognition of women’s rights, different levels of constitutional forecasting can be identified.

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There are signs that indicate the degree of evolution and emancipation achieved by society. This publication photographs the situation on 1 January 2020, highlighting two fundamental aspects:

1) the establishment of universal female suffrage and the percentage of women in parliaments around the world;

2) the recognition or denial of the fundamental rights of women in the Constitutions of all the countries of the world.


Always, in all historical periods, in all societies and even today, women suffer the compression of their rights, are subject to discrimination and do not see their biological diversity recognized: patriarchal communities suffocate, with different intensities from one State to another, the full self-determination of women, the full exercise of affirmation in politics, in managerial roles, in culture and in society.

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